2020-21 COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

  1. Masks are required to be worn when you are in the building.
  2. Please practice social distancing when you are in the clubhouse and the ice arena.
  3. The first draw of the night will start at 6:15 and you do not start an extra end after 7:45. You must be off the ice by 8:00. The late draw will be the same as before, last end before 10:30 off the ice by 10:45.
  4. There will be wipes out on the ice for you to wipe down brooms and crutches after you are done.
  5. No handshakes. Rock, Paper, Scissors for hammer.
  6. If you are on sheets A, C, and E you will start your games from the home end. If you are on sheets B, D, and F, you will start on the away end.
  7. One sweeper per throw for the delivering team. The designated sweeper can sweep past the far tee line to remove an opponent’s rock. The other sweeper should be standing on the sideline, timing at a distance, or waiting to throw. The non-delivering skip can sweep behind the tee line.
  8. Locker rooms will be open, please practice social distancing.
  9. There will be 2 sets of drink holders out on the ice, 1 for each team. Please use the bar order slips that are hung behind each sheet.
  10. The tables upstairs will be placed so that they are far enough apart from each other. Please do not move them. We are allowing only 4 people per table. There will be a marker for you to flip over when you leave the table to notify us to sanitize it for the next people.
  11. Try to send only 1 or 2 people up to the bar to get drinks. Please follow the 6’ marks that we have on the floor when you are in line to order.