Glossary /

Basic curling terms

Biter - A rock barely touching the house

Blank end - An end where no points are scored.

Bonspiel - A tournament in which curlers compete.

Burned Rock - A moving stone touched by sweeper’s broom

Button - The very centre of the target rings or house

Centre Line - Line drawn on ice from hack to hog

Delivery - The action of throwing a stone to the other end of the playing surface

Draw Weight - A delivery of sufficient weight or put the rock in the house

Freeze - Two stationary stones touching each other

Eight-ender - A perfect end where every one of the team’s stones scores a point

End - The way a curling game is divided. An end is like an inning in a baseball game. A curling game has either eight or ten ends

Freeze - When a stone has just enough momentum to stop when touching another stone

Gripper - The sole of one of your curling shoes. It helps you keep your footing on the ice. See slider.

Guard - One stone protecting another from removal by opposing rock

Hammer - The last rock of the end

Hack - The foothold in the ice you use to push off from when you deliver the stone

Heavy Ice - Ice that, due to water, frost or too much pebble, requires rocks to be thrown extra hard to reach the rings

Hog - when a rock fails to clear the “hog line”

Hog Line - Line in front of house a rock must cross to be in play

House - Also known as the rings, this is the name of the giant bull’s eye at either end of the sheet of ice. It consists of a set of concentric circles, called the 12-foot, 8-foot, 4-foot, and the Button

Hurry hard - A directive given to sweepers by the skip or third, to begin sweeping

Narrow - Stone played “off the broom” on side between the skip’s broom and the objective

Off the Broom - Stone not thrown toward the skip’s broom

On the Broom - Stone thrown directly at skip’s broom

Pebble - Droplets of water applied to the playing surface

Raise - The movement of one stone by another in the same direction

Rink - A curling team; also the name of a curling facility

Rock - Also known as a stone, a curler delivers. Regular-sized rocks weigh approximately 44 pounds

Sheet - The frozen playing surface on which the game is played

Shot Rock - The stone nearest the centre of the house

Slider - The sole of one of your curling shoes. It helps you move or slide along the ice

Take Out - Removing an opposing stone from play by striking it with your own

Tee line - The line on the playing surface that runs through the middle of the house

Weight - The amount of force used to deliver a stone

Wick - Striking the side of another stone

Wide - Stone played “off the broom”, outside of the skip’s broom away from objective