2022-2023 Individual and League Membership Fees


Individual Membership Rates – Must also sign up for at least one league
Student (through college)** Free
Adult 1st Year (includes Broom)** $175
Adult 2+year (includes USCA fee) $175
**Student and Adult 1st year do not include USCA membership fee – must be paid separately to participate in USCA events.
Full Season League fees – Per Person and in addition to student or adult Individual Membership
All Evening Leagues $100 + Individual Membership
Tuesday Doubles – Adult $50 + Adult Individual Membership
Tuesday Doubles – Student $100 + Student Membership (Free)
Kids Curl $35 + Student Membership (Free)
Youth Curling League $75 + Student Membership (Free)
Mini – League $75/person – Does NOT require individual membership
*** Mini-Leagues will have a separate registration form that does not require Individual Memberships.
Other Optional Season Dues
Locker $25
Key (For skips with 2+ years at club) $10
USCA Junior Dues $17
USCA Adult (21 years old+)* $34
*USCA Fee already included in Adult 2+ year membership fee, but not in student or 1st year Adult fees

Sunday, Wednesday or Thursday Open Leagues

These leagues are also referred to as “Mixed” leagues. These leagues allow for teams of any combination male or female curlers. These are great leagues for all types of curlers that want to have a relaxed and fun experience. This is a traditional style of curling that has 4 curlers comprised of a Lead, Second, Vice, and Skip. Each curler shoots 2 rocks.  Game times will rotate between 6:15pm and 8:30 pm.

Monday Men's League

This is a traditional style league consisting of 4 male players. The same rules apply as in the open leagues.  Games times will rotate between 6:15pm and 8:30pm on Mondays.

Tuesday Women's League

This is a traditional style league consisting of 4 female players. The same rules apply as in the open leagues.  Game times are 6:15pm on Tuesday

Tuesday Doubles League

Doubles league is for teams of two curlers and can be any combination of male or female players. Each teams plays with six stones. However, one of those stones is placed on the center line of the 4 foot circle of the house. The stone from the other team is placed at the center line as a guard in front of the house. Often times the shooting curler, gets up and sweeps their own stone while the other curler calls the shot.   Game time is 5pm on Tuesdays.

Youth Leagues

We have 2 groups for our youth curling program.  Kids Curl, for those kids 6-9 to get introduced to our sport and Youth Curling League which is designed for ages 10 through High School.  All equipment is provided and snacks available to purchase after each game. Participants should wear temperature appropriate clothing. Youth will be able to give instructors their teammate preferences. For more information contact fmcurlingyouth@gmail.com

Mini Leagues

Tuesday Mini leagues  are 6 week leagues intended for teams of with new players to introduce them to the sport.  Teams are made up of 4 players with any combination of male and female players.  There are 3 sessions per year. Nov-Dec , Jan-Feb, and Feb – March sessions.  Game times will rotate between 6:15pm and 8:30pm on Tuesdays.