League Rules


  1. All USCA Rules of Curling and Competition will be followed.
  2. All players shall be members of the FMCC.
  3. Games are nominally intended to consist of eight ends, however, early league games shall not start an end after 8:00. Late league games shall not start an end after 10:30. The winner is determined following the conclusion of the completed ends.
  4. If tied after the completion of the allowed ends, skip’s stones will determine the outcome. If that is still undetermined after the skips have played one stone each, then one additional stone is delivered in succession by the third, second and lead until a successful winner is determined. Sweeping is permitted by the team delivering the rock (only) during all extra stone deliveries.
  5. League games will begin at the time determined by the league director.
  6. Games must start on time. After a 15 minute delay, one point and one end shall be forfeited by the team causing the delay. One point and one end shall be forfeited for every 10 minute delay thereafter. The game will be forfeited if a 1/2 hour passes.
  7. The thirds shall toss a coin to determine which team will throw first.
  8. The skip shall have exclusive direction and control of the game for the team. The skip may throw last stones or any position, to be set at the beginning of the game and not changed. The skip may appoint one player to act as skip. The skip may return to the house to consult with the acting skip.
  9. Any games cancelled shall be made up by the last league night. The team that cancelled is responsible for rescheduling or for forfeiting.
  10. Each rink must consist of a minimum of three players for a league game. The maximum number of substitutes is two, which may be drawn from other teams. When a single substitute is used, they shall play lead position only. If two substitutes are needed they shall fill the lead and second positions. The opposing skip shall approve all substitutes.
  11. No club fees are refundable due to any circumstances.
  12. Substitutes that are brought in during the year to become a permanent member of the team must pay dues on a pro-rated basis for the remainder of the year.
  13. During the year-end league playoffs, eight end games will determine the teams that advance in the first event bracket. In case of a tie after eight ends, extra end(s) will determine the outcome.

Common Rule Questions

The following are common questions that arise during the game and are included here for quick reference. In all cases, the official USCA curling rules will apply.
Consult those rules for any clarification or discrepancy.

  1. Any rock touching the sideboard of the sheet or that comes to rest touching the sideline is out of play. If the rock is in motion and touches the sideline, it is considered out of play and must be removed immediately.
  2. Any rock not completely over the hog line is out of play. If a portion of a hogged rock rests up to a rock in play, it shall be left in play.
  3. Any rock past the back line is removed from play.
  4. Free Guard Zone – A stone that comes to rest between the tee line and the hog line at the playing end, excluding the house, is deemed to be within an area designated as the Free Guard Zone. Also, stones that are in play, on or before the hog line, after striking stones in the FGZ, are deemed to be in the FGZ.   If, prior to the delivery of the sixth stone of an end, a delivered stone causes an opposition stone to be moved from the FGZ to an out-of-play position, then the delivered stone is removed from play, and any displaced stones are replaced, to their prior positions.
  5. No Tick Rule – If, prior to the delivery of the sixth stone of an end, a delivered stone causes an opposition stone in the Free Guard Zone (FGZ) which is touching the center line to be moved to an off-center line position or to a position outside the FGZ, the non-offending team has the option to:
       a.  remove the delivered stone from play, and replace all stones to their prior positions; or
       b.  leave all stones where they came to rest
  6. If a moving stone is touched by any of the playing team or by their equipment and the infraction occurs before the hog line at the playing end, the touched stone is removed from play immediately by that team. If the moving stone is touched after the hog line at the playing end all stones are allowed to come to rest at which point the non-offending team has the option to:
       a. Remove the touched stone and replace all stones that were displaced after the infraction took place
       b. Leave all stones where they came to rest
       c. Place all stones where it reasonably considers the stones would have come to rest
  7. The sweeping motion can be in any direction (it need not cover the entire width of the stone), deposits no debris in front of a moving stone, and finishes to either side of the stone.
  8. A delivered stone may be swept by any one or more of the delivering team anywhere in front of the tee line at the playing end.
  9. No player may ever sweep an opponent’s stone except behind the tee line at the playing end.
  10. Only one player from each team may sweep at any one time behind the tee line at the playing end. This may be any player of the delivering team, but only the skip or vice-skip from the non-delivering team. 


  1. Curlers during the course of the game shall remain along the sides of the ice and no one except the playing team shall go up the center of the ice. Only the skip or vice-skip shall stand behind the T-line when the stone is in play. They may both stand back for consultation only. The one standing in the house may not be obstructed by the opposing skip or third.
  2. No player shall wear any footwear or other wear, which may break or damage the ice in any way.
  3. Be prompt in your turn. Clean your rock and deliver it without unnecessary delay.
  4. The winning teams during both early and late draws clean the ice after each game.

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